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Essentials to Islamic Finance


Essentials to Islamic Finance

  • TBC
  • 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • S$500.00 S$395 (after 50% Subsidy, includes GST) or S$195 (after 70% Subsidy, includes GST)
  • In Class

This course will enable and equip the Financial Professionals by providing a solid foundation in the concepts and the theoretical underpinnings of the Islamic Financial system, its products and services. The course explains the fundamental principles and operational functions under the Shariah view of balanced profit-seeking, social responsibly and global sustainability. Fundamental tenets of accountability, equality, inclusiveness, preservation of property rights, sanctity of contracts and the Rule of Law are discussed with relation to the economic behaviors of individuals and operating tenets of financial institutions. This course will be pivotal in helping participants grasp the basics of Islamic Finance principles, navigate the financial instruments that facilitate Shariah-compliant transactions and comprehend the real-world issues and intricacies of finance.​



Course Outline

  1.  Introduction to Islamic Finance
    • A Case for the Islamic Banking and Financial System
    • Principles of Islamic Banking and the Shariah (laws)
  2. Types of Islamic Financial Contracts
    • Categories of Islamic contracts
    • Key Islamic Commercial Contracts
  3. Common Contemporary Islamic Financial Instruments
    • Debt Markets
    • Equity Markets Learning