UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class

IBF Accredited Virtual Workshop

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Course Fee: $900
After IBF Subsidy: $90
Virtual Classroom (Zoom)
IBF Course Code: P210118ZIW

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Financial Consultants,  would you like to increase your UT/ILP/ETF Sales?

Do you fear updating your clients during a market crash?

Market crashes are guaranteed to happen. Are you afraid of receiving calls from your clients during these times? What should you do?

This IBF accredited course will help you overcome this fear. It will guide you on how to get your clients prepared for such events. You will be able to get them to do more top ups during market crashes.

The UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class is a transformational programme which aims to change the way financial advisors look at investment sales. The Master class follows an evidence-based approach in delivering principles of investment practice required to generate profits from pooled investment products (Unit Trust, Investment Linked Policy and Exchange Traded Fund) and is delivered in total eight and a half hours in a both physical & virtual classroom setting.

You want to make sure that your clients profit from their investments. But do you know how?

When your client asks you further details, you start having doubts.

“When you mention long term, how long is long term?”

“What kind of returns will I get from this fund?”

“How are my investments doing?”

If any of these questions give you anxiety, you may not have been properly equipped with the right skills.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class aims to increase your sales of investment products like unit trusts, investment linked policies and exchange traded funds.

The Master Class will arm you with the tools to ensure that your customers have the best chance to make profits on their investments.

The investment techniques and sales tools you will learn, will differentiate you from every other financial advisor and banker in Singapore.

Using the techniques from this course, your customers should feel:

1. That you make investing easy to understand.

2. That you are confident and willing to talk about what can go wrong. So, when markets fall, as they inevitably do, your customers are better prepared to deal with the situation.

3. That you show them what happens over a 10-year period and a 20-year period. So you walk the talk about long-term investing.

Who will benefit from this course

  • Financial Services Consultants
  • Relationship Managers
  • Financial Advisor Representatives
  • Wealth Managers
  • Insurance Specialists
  • Agency Leaders

    Beginner to intermediate levels

    FA Reps with more experience (Advanced) may also benefit as this looks at a different way to sell, based on the fundamental asset class behaviour.


UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class

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Next Intake: TBD
Course Fee: $900
After IBF Subsidy: $90

Trainer's Profile

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar, CIPM CAIA
Director, New Light Pte Ltd

Amit Kumar is Singapore’s first Unit Trust Investing Coach. Amit works with financial advisors to create successful investing outcomes for their customers. His company, New Light provides expertise in Unit Trusts, Investment Linked Products & Exchange Traded Funds. New Light counts FA teams from Prudential, Manulife, Great Eastern & PIAS as its clients.

Amit Kumar has 20+ years Unit Trust industry experience across South East Asia and South Asia. His breadth of experience covers Retail Distribution (HSBC Global Asset Management), Institutional & ETF sales (Barclays Global Investors), Portfolio Strategy (Fidelity Investments) & Unit Trust Research (Value Research & The Economic Times).

Training Grants & Subsidies

IBF Financial Training Scheme (90%)

IBF course fee subsidies for locals attending accredited or recognised courses up to 90%.

​Training Allowance Grant (TAG)

TAG provides $10 per hour of training. Only for company-sponsored individuals; and
Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs, physically based in Singapore.

What Trainees Said

Jason Goh, Financial Advisory Director

“I recently attended Amit’s UT investment sales coaching. Amit taught with great passion and infectious enthusiasm.

He brought clarity to fundamental investment concepts, which are essential for any advisor who wants to see his/her customers make profits.

There were interesting role-plays too, which gave us some pressure and got all of us excited to rehearse the concepts.

Amit’s class is strongly recommended. Experienced practitioners should from time to time refresh their understanding of the essential requirements for profitable investing.

If new advisers learn these, their path to success will be so much easier 🙂

Edmund Ang, Corporate and Individual Financial Solutions

“I have made it a point to ensure that all my financial advisors undergo the New Light UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class.

The Master Class ensures that my FA (Reps) have a clear understanding of how to set-up their customers for investment success.

I agree with Amit that only when customers make profits on their investments will financial advisors achieve more sales.

In an industry where there is a lot of focus on products, Amit teaches us how to use these products. His focus on what we can control in investing, like the time horizon and frequency of investing allows us to have meaningful conversations with customers and more sales.

If you want to understand investing in a simple, entertaining and insightful manner just talk to Amit. It will do you a world of good.”

Kaiser Tan, FA Rep

“Amit’s sharings are unlike the courses we often encounter in the financial services industry; it’s actually practical! When it comes to my advisory work, I’m data-driven and my clients appreciate this no-nonsense approach.

Amit’s evidence-based approach to investing has allowed me to forge even stronger ties with my clients and helped close many cases, shortly after attending his lessons.”

Jane, Financial Services Consultant

“If I knew about this way of selling much earlier, I would have sold my client in a completely different (way) and avoided the messy relationship it is now…”

Content Outline

The first module shows financial advisors that the true definition of long-term investing is a ten-year period and not the commonly accepted 3-5 years.

This module teaches advisors to look at the probability of positive and negative total returns and range of total returns over the investment history of an asset class as a way to condition the customers
investment behavior.

Building-up on concepts and frameworks learned from Module #1, Module#2 shows advisors how the long-term looks for a range of other markets like global equities, regional equities (Asia ex Japan and Emerging Markets), single country equities and fixed income and how risk-return trade-offs are explained across markets.

In two case studies, this module demonstrates the rationale for home country bias in investing and showcases the challenges in SGD investing for global investment grade portfolios. This module teaches advisors the use of dollar value of annualized return and total return as a skill based behavioural change to differentiate themselves.

This module also helps advisors develop the skills required (storytelling, differentiation and chart reading) to effectively communicate the concepts shown in module #1 to their customers.

Investment theory demands that a falling market, by virtue of lower prices, should lead to customer investments. Customer behaviour usually defies this expectation, usually with good reason.

Module#3 bridges this gap between theory and practice and conditions the customer to invest in a falling market and invest despite the portfolio witnessing losses. Financial Advisors learn non-investment conversational skills and a range of investment proofs to predispose customers to invest into down markets.

Financial advisors are shown how periodic investment over ten and twenty-years delivers the long-term returns of the asset class. Chain linking of individual returns to generate overall returns and annualised returns are introduced as concepts to promote investment during market downturns.

Module #4 introduces the concept of benchmark as the key factor in determining what is a good unit trust or investment linked policy.

Advisors are taught to examine ten calendar years of fund and benchmark returns as the professional way to determining what is a good actively managed unit trust or investment linked policy.

Use of negative calendar year returns in pooled investment product performance is shown to be a more realistic risk proxy when sharing with customers the risks in investing.

Advisors are taught the application of chain linking in actual fund returns to predispose customers to invest in adverse periods.

The Investment Sales Master Class is based on controlling those aspects of investing which are controllable. Yet, as human beings, as curious and emotional beings, we want to understand the world around us.

Module #5 shares with advisors the Five Fundamental Indicators (US GDP Growth, US Non-Farm Payrolls, US-10 year yield, Energy and Gold prices) Approach to having confident conversations on financial markets. With this approach, advisors are always prepared to have a facts and figures based discussion on financial markets, which extends beyond the typical discourse on market indices.

Through this module advisors are also coached on the difference between market update and market outlook and on the futility of trying to forecast financial markets.