Business Performance Management

For Financial Services​

Date: TBD
9:30am – 5:30pm

Course Fee: $1,800
After IBF Subsidy: $180
Virtual Classroom (Zoom)
IBF Course Code: P201218IRV

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About This Course

In these disruptive times, it is essential for leaders, managers and consultants in the financial services industry to be resilient, agile with decisions and quick in responding to market demands in order to perform well and produce results.

This interactive 2-day virtual workshop will impart the requisite strategies, skills and tools in a structured, informative and holistic manner in order for financial services professionals to have peak performance in their work and life. Be ready to take your business performance to the next level!

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

  1. Understand how to manoeuvre through challenges and disruption
  2. Build practical skills for optimum efficiency and productivity
  3. Learn to gather knowledge for advantage
  4. Understand self-leadership and inspire others
  5. Be able to motivate action in self and teams
  6. Track progress and learn to consistently produce results

Who will beneft from this programme?

  1. Insurance Leaders & Managers
  2. Financial Consultants & FA Reps
  3. Teams that are looking for peak performance

Business Performance Management For Financial Services

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Date: TBD
9:30am – 5:30pm
Course Fee: $1,800
After IBF Subsidy: $180

Trainer's Profile

YuJin Wong Master Trainer
YuJin Wong
Master Trainer

Heralded by the media as “Mental Toughness Expert”, YuJin is an award-winning speaker and trainer who is the world’s foremost thought leader in peak performance. He is a Certified Mental Toughness Coach (USA), Certified NLP Practitioner, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified TLT (Time Line Therapy) Consultant, an Impact System Coach and a Master Class Trainer.

He is a triple-degree holder and is certified under the International Sports Science Association, one of the top sports performance organizations in the world.

YuJin has his own TV show and has been featured numerous times on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines for his expertise in motivating people. He is the Official Trainer for Miss Universe and Miss World and in 2016, was awarded the Global Brands Icon in Peak Performance by the Global Branding Awards.

As a former lawyer and investment banker working 16-hour days, YuJin brings real world knowledge and experience that produce effective, long-term results.

What Trainees Said

Chloe W, FA Rep

“Clear and organized, YJ prepared himself very well to fully engage us via webinar setting and allows us to have small discussions throughout the session. Great showmanship.”

Craig T, FA Rep

“We need Mentors in our Life, Yu Jin has sunk to the depths of despair and pull himself to rise again like the Phoenix……”

Marcus G, FA Rep

“Everyone must attend this Workshop.”

Content Outline

 Times of crisis, disruption and change
 Transformation needed for the times ahead
 Getting equipped for the ‘new normal’

 The 4 Foundational Attitudes in Times of Change
 The 4 Principles of Peak Performance
 An opportunity for market dominance in financial services

 The 3 P’s that prevents performance in times of crisis
 Designing the Circle of Support for continued performance
 Post-traumatic Growth: Learning from difficulty

 Creating capacity for increasing performance
 Implementing Deep Work for productivity and efficiency
 Creating an environment for mind enhancement

 Resistance to confidence in disruptive times
 Understanding and overcoming fear
 Expanding the Circle of Comfort for true growth

 Dunning-Kruger effect: Limited perspectives
 Understanding The 4 Learning Styles
 Expanding the mind to a whole new level

 Discovering true values and vision
 Developing deep and powerful self-awareness
 Dictate success through the Sphere of Influence

 Why teamwork matters in the financial services industry
 The 6 Attributes of Teamwork
 Inspiring others to take action

 Spurring action towards the most important goals
 Preventing procrastination that hampers success
 Creating an action-taking culture

 The Power of Compounding – Building consistency that lasts
 Creating accountability to produce long-lasting results
 Tracking progress and reviewing for continuous success