Business Development Mindset

For Fund Management

Date: TBD
9:30am – 5:30pm

Course Fee: $999
After IBF Subsidy: $99.90
Virtual Classroom (Zoom)
IBF Course Code: P190823IUD

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About This Course

Course Synopsis

This workshop is developed and designed by a leading trainer who specialize in mindset strategies for success and peak performance in fund management. This program is structured as a 2-day workshop packed with activities.

Rather than just theoretical learning, varied training methodologies will be adopted to provide a wholesome learning environment. The program applies evidence-based methods that work in the real world of fund management.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

Benefits of the course

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Be more resilient and able to maintain peak performance under pressure

  • Stay calm and relaxed in any high-pressure situation

  • Focus on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters

  • Have the self-belief and trust in one’s capabilities
    Overcome adversities and setbacks well

  • Give and receive social support to and from others

Business Development Mindset For Fund Management

Date: TBD
9:30am – 5:30pm

Course Fee: $999
After IBF Subsidy: $99.9

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Training Grants & Subsidies

IBF Financial Training Scheme (90%)

IBF course fee subsidies for locals attending accredited or recognised courses up to 90%.

​Training Allowance Grant (TAG)

TAG provides $10 per hour of training. Only for company-sponsored individuals; and
Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs, physically based in Singapore.

Trainer's Profile

YuJin Motivational Speaker
YuJin Wong
Master Trainer

Heralded by the media as “The Peak Performance Guru”, YuJin is an award-winning speaker and trainer.

YuJin is a Certified Mental Toughness Coach (USA), Certified NLP Practitioner, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified TLT (Time Line Therapy) Consultant, an Impact System Coach and a Master Class Trainer.

He is a triple-degree holder and is certified under the International Sports Science Association, one of the top sports performance organizations in the world.

YuJin has been featured numerous times on radio, newspapers, and magazines for his expertise in mental toughness and motivation. His work has earned him numerous awards including the Global Brands Icon in Peak Performance, Creative Young Entrepreneur, and Rising Star CEO of the Year.

As a former lawyer and investment banker, YuJin brings real-world experience and examples that empower, engage, and enlightens through his range of keynotes, programs, and workshops.

What Trainees Said

Pavithira Naidu, AIA Consultant

“…really pumped up to run for the last quarter. Everyone should attend it at least once. It’s really life changing.”

Clayderman Tan, FA Rep

“This is a wonderful program to inculcate mental toughness not just professionally, but in other aspects of one’s life.

I would strongly encourage everyone to participate to fine tune and pick up new habits to be a better version of yourself!”

Thames Yeo, Prudential Consultant

“A very meaningful and enriching event. Many things to learn from that is helpful towards entrepreneurs.

Recommended for people who want to get the correct mindset to start or improve their business.”


  • Systematic approach to mental conditioning for financial consultants
  • Link between mental toughness and success in fund management
  • Skills are learned, not inherited
  • The 3 Fundamental Skills of Business Development
  • The 5Cs of Mental Toughness
  • Elite entrepreneurship psychology
  • Outcome vs Process Goals
  • Link between stress and goals
  • Setting long-term goals for success
  • The power of self-talk
  • Switching from negativity to positivity
  • Overcoming irrational beliefs to be your best
  • Staying calm and relaxed in high pressure situation
  • The Ideal Performance State
  • Techniques to manage composure anywhere, anytime
  • Focusing on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters
  • Broad Awareness vs Narrow Awareness
  • Instilling laser focus in your financial consultancy journey
  • Having the self-belief and trust in one’s capabilities
  • Situational Confidence builds Global Confidence
  • Building your positive self-image
  • Overcoming adversities and setbacks well
  • Using Simulation Training to prepare yourself
  • Visualization to overcome challenges
  • Giving and receiving social support to and from others
  • Building your own power team
  • Working together for success
  • Learning from the world’s best
  • Celebrate success, learn from failure
  • Pursue excellence, not perfection